Dr. Warter has been the single biggest influence in helping me deepen my spiritual life over the past 20 years.
— Arthur, North Carolina

Dr. Carlos is a true gem. These workshops have been life changing! He taught me how meditation can bring inner peace, compassion and self-healing. You leave these retreats being the person you always intended to be.
— Amal, New Jersey

I’ve studied with and traveled with Dr. Warter for over 17 years on a journey of increasing awareness, love of life, connection with others, curiosity and gratitude.
— Max, Texas

Dr. Carlos Warter has been an extraordinary mentor and guide for me. I have known him for more than 30 years and I’m so thankful for the opportunity of learning from him.
— Maria, Colombia

My heart has opened, my world has opened. I’ve learned how meditation can still my mind and how love leads the way in all things.
— Meredith, North Carolina