Curriculum Vitae of Carlos Warter, MD

Sir Carlos Warter M.D. Ph.D.
44 years dedicated to consciousness, health awareness and global education. Lecturer, author, psychiatrist, creator and leader of seminars for the transformation of Consciousness and Self Awareness for Individuals, Groups.

Private Practice

Appointed by Governor Linda Lingle to the Medical Advisory Board D o T State of Hawaii
Member of American Academy of Addiction Psychiatry and American Psychological Association
Private Practice in Drug Rehabilitation Programs
General Psychiatry Adults and Adolescents
DEA Certified Outpatient Pain Medicine and Buprenorphine/suboxone Detoxification
Researcher since 1970 in Transpersonal Medicine , entheogenic therapies with Stan Groff, Leo
Zeff, James Fadiman, Tomas Hanna, Moshe Feldenkrais, complementary therapy University of
Chile School of Medicine with Claudio Naranjo 1970-73
Student of Leo Zeff in Berkeley CA 1979-1985 and association with Stanley Krippner, Ralph
Metzner, and others in the field being one of the first Resident Scholars in 1973 at Esalen
trained in Gestalt Therapy with Jim Simkin
Paqrticipant in the First USA Conference on Vietnam at Cornell University 1967, invited by Robert
Kennedy and the Department of State to observe the future of Medicine while in Medical School
during 1967 (east ) 1968

As Founder and President of the World Heath Foundation for Development of Peace received the
and Emeritus Prof at International University of Professional Studies
Consultant Advisor Scientific Topics for ALKS Lilly Pfizer GSK Takeda
Member American Academy Addiction Psychiatry
American Academy of Pain Management

Clinical Assistant Professor
Department Complementary and Alternative Medicine
University of Hawaii School of Medicine (JABSOM)
Board Member Hawaii Consortium for Continuing Medical Education

2001-2004 Attended meeting at Kahaolave
Clinical Associate Professor of Psychiatry
Clinical Associate Professor of Neurology
University of Miami Miller School of Medicine

PEACE representing Chile

1985 TO DATE


University of Chile School of Medicine 1964-70
Rotating Four Internship University of Chile 1970-71
Resident Harvard University Children's Hospital (Boston Mass) 1971-72
Resident Department of Psychiatry and Mental Health University of Chile 1972-76
Chief Resident St Anthony Family Medicine Department (Denver Co) 1976-77 BOARD FP

Children’s Hospital Harvard Medical School
Resident 1971-72 Boston MA.
University of Chile Department of Psychiatry
Resident 1972-76 Santiago Chile
Research Fellow Humanistic Psychology Institute SF California
Esalen Institute (Gestalt Training / Jim Simkin PhD)
Institute for Cultural Research (Transcultural Psychiatry) U.K.Idries Shah Scholar in Residence
Mercy Hospital. Chief Resident Family Practice Denver Co 1976-77
Family Practice 1977 Board Certified AMERICAN BOARD FAMILY MEDICINE 1977-1994
Board Diplomate American Association Psychiatric Medicine 2005
Specialist In Psychiatry Convalidado y examinado por Universidad Maimonides 2009 Argentina
Convalidated as MD IN CHILE URUGUAY COLOMBIA como Medico en Republica de Uruguay y
Colombia 2010
Board Certifications, Awards and Licensures
International Member American Psychiatry Association
Diplomate American Association of Psychiatric Medicine
American Board of Family Practice 1977-1994
ECFMG 1971
Basic Sciences Examination of the United States 1975
FLEX 1975

Professional Affiliations
Chilean Society of Psychiatry
International Academy of Behavioral Medicine
American Board of Psychiatric Medicine
Hawaii Medical Society (Honolulu)
American Society of Addiction Medicine
American Association of Addiction Psychiatry
Chilean Medical Society
Chilean Pediatrics Association
Chilean Society of Genetics
Chilean Writers Association
Chilean Society of Parapsychology
Gestalt Institute of San Francisco
Institute for Cultural Research, United Kingdom.
Academy of Orthomolecular Psychiatry, USA
. American Medical Association
American Group Psychotherapy Association
International Academy of Preventive Medicine.
American Academy of Family Physicians
International Group Psychotherapy Association.
American College of Preventive Medicine
Venezuelan Society of Acupunture
Endorser Planetary Iniciative
World Federalists Association, U.S.A.
American Holistic Medical Association, USA.
American College of Preventive Medicine
National Council for International Health, USA.
Forum International Center for Integrative Studies,
American Association Advancement of Science,
International Member APA
Centro di Studi per l'evoluzione Umana, Italy.
Member Advisory Board IAEWP (Educators World Peace)
Senator International Parliament for Safety & Peace( 87-92)
Societe Cientifique Du Chili
Djuna Russian Academy of Sciences

Scholarships, awards, nominations and recognitions
Yearly Award British Council High School Chile, 1956/63.
Poetry Award, Santiago,Chile, 1963.
Course Delegate, U Chile Medical School1965/66.
FECH Delegate, Faculty of Medicine, U Chile,Chile, 1966.
Fellow Experiment in International Living, Student Leader Program, 1967 School
International training Putney Vermont; Syracuse Medical Center, Cornell University, New York
Delegate (Union of University Federations of Chile), 1967
Medical Student Leader Program, visit to UCLA and UCSF Medical Centers 1968.
Poetry Award, Faculty of Medicine, University Chile, 1970.
Physicians Recognition Award American Medical Ass.,1976-79 83/86. 2001- 2004
Endorsed :Colorado State Representatives Medical Licensure 1976
Listing of Licensed Physicians, American Medical Association, USA, 1977-93 Who's who in
Medicine, Medical Specialists, USA 1977- 2011
Specialist Guide in Nutritional and Natural Healing, .
Literary Prize "Children Stories Literary Contest Chilean Government 1981.
Honorary Member of Venezuelan Society of Acupunture 1982 Special Distinction by Liceo
Comercial "A" No. 26 Chile
Special Distinction by Liceo Comercial "A" No. 30, Chile
Special Distinction by the County of Puente Alto, 1982
Special Distinction by the Salesiano School "Ortuzar Montt", 1983.
Special Distinction by Liceo "A" Dario E. Salas, Chile, 1983.
Who's Who in Chile, 1983
Quoted :The Literary Work of Chilean Physicians" by Dr. Amador Negme, Andres Bello
Ed., Santiago, Chile, 1984/86.
Peace Recognition, Province of Corrientes, Argentina, 1985.
Rotary International Peace Award, Colombia, 1986.
Award World Peace and Security Parliament, Argentina, 1986 Medal de los Reyes
Catolicos King of Spain Uruguay 1986
Recognition on the Integration of Health and Peace by the City of San
Francisco California 1986
Delfin de Oro Award Iberoamerican Radio TV Network 1987
Messanger of Peace Award United Nations 1987
Galvano Educacional Chile 1987
Nominated to GLOBAL 500 of the Environment Liason Center 1988
Knight of the Order of St John and Malta 1989
Pax Mundi Award Dag Hamersjkold Diplomatic Academy
Star of Asia Award 1999
Humanitarian Award Cuba 1990
Knight Commander of the Order of St John 1991 Sir Carlos Warter OSJ
Knight of the Assyrian Order Moscow 1991
Knight Grand Cross Order of St John Knights of Malta 2001
Nominated to the Alternative Nobel Prize: Right Livelihood Award

Selected publications
Publications on General Subjects in Boletin Informativo, Chile,1959-1970.
"Mark Twain" in Voz del Kent # 3, Year 1, Santiago,Chile, 1961.
"Evaluation of the Early Diagnoses of Uterine Cervical Neoplasms", Rev Medica, Chile, 1967
Acute Pancreatitis Clinical Study", in archives of Chilean Society of Surgeons, Vol. XXI, Page 449,
Santiago, 1969.
"Alcoholism: A Psychiatric Public Health Problem" in Revista Medica, Chile, 12;1970
"Sphincterian & Sexual Symptomatology in Paraplegya", Neurosurgery, SantiagoChile, 1970.
"Inmerslund Syndrome", Revista Medica Chile, Santiago, 3; 1971
"Schizophrenia Genetic Study", Doctoral Thesis , U Chile Archives 1971
Immunological Correlations in Adult Psycho - pathology Universidad de Chile 1971
"Intestinal Pneumatosis", Revista Chilena de Pediatria Santiago, 2;1972
Psychotherapeutic Modalities & Religious Patterns"Non-published. 1972.
"Transformation of Consciousness Series": Bulletins Psych Chile 1982
A Jouney into Consciousness - Psychosynergy & Integral Education – 1983 Chile
Ethics & Responsible Humanity – Department of Psychiatry Univ of Chile 1983
Twelve Steps to Awakening (Stress Management Papers Psycho synergy &
Medical Education, Venezuela 1984
Why Inner Search: The Unity of Experience, Physician/Patient Relationship
Papers on Wellbeing, Transformation of Consciousness, Learning to Learn, Forum New York 1984
"Warriors Way" Poem, "Men's Journal", Ca., 1984.
"Peace in the New Era", Forum, N.Y., 12;1984.
Management Series Colombia 1986/87
The Other Reality Mental Health in Business Gerencia al Dia 1987
Syndicated Columns on Mental Health Uruguay El Pais 1987/99
Salud Esencial . Revista Plenitud Argentina 1987 - 2002

In English
• Soul Remembers .1992
• Recovery of the Sacred . 1995 HCI
• Who Do You Think You Are? (1998 Bantam <> USA, Canada.France , Australia , Spain, France,
Korea , Croatia and Germany)
• In Anthology of the National Library of Poetry 1998
• Pathways to the Soul :101 ways to open your heart Hay House 2000
• Chapter on Spiritual Dimensions in Book Natural Healing of Depression

In Spanish
• Vaiven Vivencial (Ebb & Flow of Living)[Pref Pablo Neruda]. Chile 1970
• Fragments 70 Chile 1971 [essay]
• Hijo del Universo. (Son of the Universe) Poetry Siglo XXI Chile 1982
• Unidos en Libertad. (United in Freedom)Edigraf 86 Argentina
• Cuentos Gota de Miel. (Drop of Honey in Chilean Anthology) 1981 Chile
• Despertar. (Awakening) Emece Argentina 1987
• Camino al Sol. (Path towards the Sun)Kier Argentina 1987
• Privilegio Ser Hombre. (Privilege of Being a Man) Best Seller 1988
• Es tiempo de disfrutar tu vida. (It’s time to enjoy your life) Emece 1989
• La clave es el Amor. (The Key is Love) Kier 1988
• Vision Global Liderazgo & Desarrollo Para el Siglo XXI. (Global Vision: leadership and
development for the 21st. Century) with President Rodrigo Carazo (Costa Rica) and Enrique
Iglesias (President, Interamerican Development Bank) Planeta Uruguay 1988
• Recuerdos del Alma. (Soul Remembers) Spain /Argentina
• ¿Paz en el Golfo ? (Peace in the Gulf? Towards a New Era in Planet-hood)
• Manual de Metafisica . (Handbook on Metaphysics) CS ED1992
• Extraterrestre y Naturaleza de la Realidad (Global Nature of Reality)
• Recobrar lo Sagrado. Ed Obelisco 1997
• Vive tu Vida Guia al camino Interior. Ed Lumen 1998
• Trilogia del Amor:pasos a una nueva consciencia 1998
• Conocerse es Sanarse Plaza y Janes 1998
• Disfruta Tu Vida Lumen 1999
• Vive Tu Vida Hay House 2000
¥ Ama Tu Vida Lumen 2000
¥ Conocerse es sanarse: En búsqueda de la esencia de nuestro ser. Ediciones B 2011
¥ Caminos a tu alma: Ediciones B 2013

In Romanian:
• Soul Remembers 1995
•Recovery of the Sacred 2004

In Portuguese
• Os Extraterrestre... Ed Record 1997

In German
• Erkenne Dich Selbst Sherz Verlag 1998

French Translations of Who Do You Think You Are The healing power of your Sacred Self
Current production of DVD and CD on over 100 topics on personal health, personal
development and psychopharmacology on YouTube Channel

Selected Activities:

Besides the previously mentioned teaching activities, he has extensively lectured around the
world on human development, peace mediation, mindfulness, spiritual values for change,
human relations, nutrition, orthomolecular , medicine , health , psychotherapy , trans cultural
psychiatry and global consciousness.

Speaks English, Spanish, German and French fluently. Italian moderately. Understands spoken
and written Portuguese. He is able to direct and coordinate activities with large groups and
convey ideas in a systematic approach.

Problem Solving
Student leader at age 13 in schools and college positions until age 24. Performed trainings in
emergency and crisis situations to organizations as well as governments, finding ways to
harmonized and peaceful solutions.

Grew up in Chile, South America. While his father was working in the lumber industries, he was
exposed to many environments, people and situations from an early age, thereby developing an
excellent ability in coping with various social environments and situations that involve synchronic
activities.Active in literature on a recreational, semi-professional basis , he has also published small articles
in news papers and magazines since the age of eleven. In 1970, at the age of 23, his first book
was published in Spanish : "Vaiven Vivencial" with a prologue by Nobel Prize winner
Pablo Neruda.
A year later, "Fragmentos'70', a collection of poems and poetic prose. Hijo del Universo"1983 and
"Unidos en Libertad"1986, an illustrated children story book.
In early years he toured Mexico and Peru, studying with healers and shamans He also lived in
Northern Africa and Europe and traveled extensively. In 1978 visited Middle East where he
studied with Kabalists. In 1978 presented health theories in Geneva to officials of the World
Health Organization while keeping a psychiatric practice in Colorado.
In 1979 visited Egypt (NINE TIMES) and India, sponsored a training and a public service project
in Nepal and traveled extensively through Asia, visiting Thailand , Taipei, China, Hong Kong and
Japan. In these countries he visited their professional mental health and cultural institutions and
had close contact with local, rural and urban people. Since then he travels periodically to South
America, where he conducts workshops and intensive psychotherapeutic trainings part of the
Acquainted with various government houses and high officers in Chile, Colombia, Venezuela,
India and the United States. Since his days in Medical School he was guest of the State
Department and of Robert Kennedy's Family in the U.S. in 1976, met with President Jimmy
Carter and VP Mondale in 1977, the Maharani of Pathiala and the Head of Parliament in India,
in1979. He maintains excellent relations with different spiritual leaders of major denominations.
Was received by His Holiness Pope Jean Paul II, in June 1986 and 1997 , the President of the
42 General assembly of the UN in 1987 and has been a guest in Dharamsala , India of His
Holiness the Dalai Lama in several ocassions.
Sponsored joint public service and assistance activities to orphanages in Colombia with former
First Lady Nidia de Turbay . A member of UNDP (United Nations Development Program), a non
governmental organization affiliated to United Nations since 1980.From November 1983 to
January 1984 he traveled to French Polinesia, Fiji and New Zealand, on a cultural research. In
1984 Egypt, Israel and Italy searching deeply in relation to the structures of monoteistic
During 1985 he aligned his work in support to the United Nations"s University for Peace,
establishing a personal relation and projects with ex-President Dr Rodrigo Carazo of Costa Rica
with whom co-sponsored an international Peace event in Buenos Aires in April 1986.
In 1987 was elected to the High Chamber of the International Parliament for Safety and Peace
and received as President of WHFDP the Messenger for Peace Award of The Uited Nations
During 1988 was a Visiting Scholar at the USSR Academy of Sciences and at UNESCO , University
of Iassi Romania, as an adjunct Professor for the International Association for Educators for
World Peace./
During 1988 he was a Scholar in Residence at the Moscow Academy of Sciences and Institute of
Philosophy maintaining an active relationship through 1991 with the Perestroika New Thinking
In 1989 was a Keynote Speaker at the International Alternative Medicine Conference in Holland
and at the International Congress of Holistic Medicine in India.
During the latter met with spiritual heads such as The Dalai Lama, Sai Baba , Mother Theresa
and Archbishop Gregorios and presented the global cooperation projects of Holism and New
During the 1992 Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro he participated at the Global Forum's
Parliamentary Summit with former VP Al Gore and in Argentina in joint sessions of Congress with
HH The Dalai Lama
In 1993 keynoted at the Global Forum Meeting in Kyoto presenting his views on Mental Health in
a New Civilization maintaining since the a relationship with former President Michael Gorbachev.
Again in 1995 and 2000 participated at the State of the World Forum in San Francisco and New
York with Gorbachov and other dignataries.
In 1995 he was chosen to participate in a Middle East Fact Finding Mission of the UN in Israel ,
the West Bank and the Gaza strip.
In 1998 led a Delegation of Health professional in a Fact Finding Mission to Tibet, later officially
visiting Dharamsala India and Beijing.
During 2003 was a guest Lecturer at the University of Iassi in Romania where his second book
has been published.

Other activities 1986- 2011
As Founder of World Health Foundation for Development & Peace in the U.S., OMS/NGO
received the 1987 Messenger of Peace Award from the UN Secretary General .WHFP
Advisory Board included personalities such as Willis Harman (Noetic Sciences) Dr. TA Lambo
(former Assistant Secretary General of WHO) actress Shirley Mac Laine; for President of Costa
Rica and Founder of the University of Peace of the United Nations Dr. Rodrigo Carazo; Alexander
King, former President Club of Rome; Chancellor Enrique Iglesias from Uruguay , now President
of the Interamerican Development Bank .Currently Secretary General of the Council for the
World Health Foundation for Development & Peace is a correspondant organization to Societe
de la Recherche de la France Contemporaine directed by Prince Henri D'Orleans and to the
Center of Studies of Human Evolution in Italy Participant as Keynote at international Peace
Conferences such as Rust University for Peace / Center of the Studies of the person Seminar with
late Psychologist Carl Rogers during the Sandinista-Contra Conflict
Spoke at General Session of Second Intelectual Congress for a Peaceful Future World Warsaw,
Non governmental organizations meetings in New York and Geneva, Switzerland.;symposiums
organized by the Spanish-Latinamerican Relations' Institute,at the European Parliament.
Has participated in meetings with Colombian, Venezuelan and Swiss Government authorities to
promote ecological and human soundness, self esteem and consciousness raising seminars in
academic and business environments
He was elected Senator of the International Parliament for Safety and Peace in 1987 after
chairing the Annual Symposium on the Integration of Health and Peace of the WHFDP after
receiving a Certificate of Honour by the City of San Francisco.
Participant at the 1986 Congress of the International Association of Educators for World Peace
was elected to serve on their Advisory Board since 1987
The World Health Foundation Awards have been given over the years to personalities who have
made a contribution in the areas of Global health and Peace.
Among others
• The President of Costa Rica and Founder of the United Nations University for Peace Dr Rodrigo
• Dr.Luis Alberto Machado Minister for the Development of Human Intelligence of Venezuela
• The Director of the UN 42 General Assembly the elected President Dr. Peter Fiorin and the UN
Secretary General Perez de Cuellar.
• The Presidential Candidate Dr.Fernando Monckeberg from Chile for his work on the erradication
of malnourishment.
• Aldous Huxley's widow Laura Huxley, for her contribution to conscious birthing.
• Sir Anton Jayasuriya from Sri Lanka, founder of Medicina Alternativa and the Open international
University for Complementary Medicine.
• Scientist Djuna Davitashvili in recognition of her teaching at the Academy of Sciences of Russia.
• His Holiness the XIV Dalai Lama of Tibet
During the nineties Dr. Warter has toured the US and Latin America teaching
Psychoneuroimmunology and Psychosynergy Seminars. Venezuela, Argentina and Colombia and
has published a total of 20 books in 8 languages besides attending his private practice in
psychiatry, lecturing and family activities.
• Lecturer at Conciousness New Mexico Conference (2006)

Extra Training Scholarships
1. Molecular Biology , UCLA Biological Specificity" 1968.
2. University of Chile"Sense and Mission of Latin American Universities Santiago,Chile 1968.
3. University of California Medical Center S.F Molecular Biology:
Muscle weakness in Young Females". Comparative Biochemistry of Myosin" and Chromosome
Structure Units, Replication Rate of Chain Growth1968.
4. Institute of Neurosurgery and Brain Research U.Chile "Craneal Trauma", "Brain
Death";"Parkinson's Disease", Treatment of Epilepsies"1969.
5. Latin American Institute of Doctrine and Social Studies: Revolution and International
Relations" "Alienation and Presence , Perspective of Man in modern society, Santiago, Chile,
6. University of Chile, "Teenager Personality", 1970
7. Public Health Legislation, Univ. Chile, 1970.
8. International Course on Molecular Biology, Organization of American States) 1970
9.Chilean Medical Society, Handling of Acute Intoxications1972
10. Variety Children's Hospital of Miami. The Children Foundation of Washington 1970 .
12 Nygma Institute, Berkeley,Ca.'1973 Tibetan Psychology
13.U C Berkeley, Awareness through movement, Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais, 1973.
14.Colorado Academy of Psychiatry, Symposium on Mind Influencing Drugs 1976.
15.University of Pennsylvania, Clinical Depression", 1976.
16 CONARA,"Computer Sciences in Public Service 1977
17. University of Chile, Department of Neurosciences Brain Aging", 1982
18.Mastery Course in Psycotherapy, Center for Contextual Studies, University Chicago, 1983.
19..Communication in Psychiatry Univ Chicago, 1984.
20.Neuro Linguistic Programming 1988-2010

Instructor in Embryology , School of Medicine, U Chile, 1965.
Assistant Professor of Biology, Chilean National Health Service1966 Assistant Professor
Pharmacology Chilean Red Cross 1968 70
Assistant Profesor Pharmacology School of Midwifery University of Chile, 1968/70.
Professor of Biology at INDESCU, Santiago, Chile, 1969.
Intern, Department of Health, Chilean Air Force 1968/71.
Academic Fellow in Legal Medicine and Psychiatry, U. Chile , 1971 Instructor Medical Psychology,
School of Medicine, University of Chile, 1972-74
Resident Fellow Esalen Institute of Psychotherapy Big Sur Ca., 1973.
Psychology Advisor at Lone Mountain College, U SF 1973.
Resident Fellow Humanistic Psychology Institute, SF 1973/74.
Staff Mercy Hospital St Anthony Psychiatry and Family Practice
Denver Colorado 1977-80
Founding Member & Director Institute for Health Awareness, Denver, Colorado,USA, 1977 -80.
Psychiatry Practice
Advisor to the Eagle Age Society Colorado, 1978.
Staff,Swedish, Porter Hospitals, Colorado 1977-80 Psychiatry.
Advisor, Huxley Institute for Biosocial Research Colorado.1977
Founder and President of E.C.W and Foundation Drop of Honey Colombia, Chile, Venezuela,
Spain, India , Argentina and Uruguay,1978 -1985
Director of Detoxification Programs, Chile & Colombia, 1982.-2009
Individual and Group Psychotherapy Berkeley California 1980 to present on a part time program
basis. Licensed since 1980
Staff, Psychiatrist Baraka Center for Therapy & Research, Santa Monica, Ca. 1980-83
Visiting Professor, Dept. Obstetrics, Faculty Medicine, 1981.
Visiting Professor, Faculty Economic Sciences, University Chile, "Ethics & Responsible Humanity",
Santiago, 1981.
Lecturer University Tadeo Lozano,"Psychosynergy and Administration Colombia,
Assistant Visiting Professor National Institutes of Cancerology of Colombia, "Psychosynergy and
Mental Health", University of Los Andes, "Psychosynergy", Bogota, 1981
"Psychiatry and its effects on Whole Education",Universidad Pedagogica Nacional, Bogota
Colombia and Women's House Conference, Buenos Aires, Argentina,1983.
University of Chile, "Psychiatric aspects in Physician-Patient Relationship",
Director of The Health Foundation, Ca, USA, 1984
Designer Trainings and Group Therapy (Personal Integration Process) Argentina, 1984 -
Group Therapy and workshop development in Colombia, Argentina, Uruguay and Chile,
Private psychotherapy work, Berkeley, Ca., USA, 1985.-1992
Visiting Professor Mexico Institute Transactional Analysis, 1985.
International VP The Health Foundation, Ca., USA, 1985.
Scientific Member Centro Studi L'evoluzione Umana, Roma Italy 1985 Founder, President
World Health Foundation for Development & Peace, 1985-2009
Main Partner Human Development Technologies Argentina 1993
Private Practice individual and group psychotherapy Chile and California since 1980 to date.
Clinical Assistant Professor of Neurology University of Miami School of Medicine
Clinical Assistant Professor of Psychiatry University of Miami School of Medicine
Clinical Associate Professor of Neurology University of Miami School of Medicine
2002- present
Clinical Associate Professor of Psychiatry University of Miami School of Medicine
Individual and Group Psychotherapy, with Dr. Debora Mash Post Detox Drug Addition
Program University of Miami Department of Neurology 2002-2004
University of Hawaii JABSOM School of Medicine Clinical Ass Prof CAM
Complementary & Alternative Medicine 2005-2010

Selected lectures and professional activities: (an edited selection)
• Florida Psychiatry association: Clinical Applications of Spirituality
• Dept. Physiology & Biophysics, School of Medicine, Univ Chile, "Schizophrenia and Plasmatic
• Chilean Society of Genetics:"On Schizophrenias
• Psychiatry Orlando Medical Center and U.Gainsville," Structural Psychotherapy
• Colonia Tovar Venezuela"Group Psychotherapy for Professionals",
• Universidad Central de Venezuela:"New Models for Humanistic Therapy", O.C.I.C.,
"Learning to live", Caracas, Venezuela,
• Planetarium,"Consciousness" Psycotronics Institute, Bogota Colombia
• Conferences, "New Education"," Personal Development" Caracas and Barquisimeto, Venezuela.
• A new model of Life", Santiago,Chile.
• Ministry for Development of Intelligence Meeting on Education Venezuela,
• S.E.N.A., "Self - Knowledge", Bogota, Colombia,
• Krishnamurti Center Transformation of Consciousness", Spain,
• Church Caracas. "Social Service", Venezuela, 1979.
• Center for Tibetan Refugees, "Social Service", Nepal,1979.-1998
• India, Series of Conferences, "Practical Spiritualityand Levels of Consciousness ,1979.-2003
• Universidad Nacional Abierta,Venezuela "Learning to Learn"
• Colegio Ingles, "A new model of living", Caracas,
• Self-Knowledge", Cartagena, Colombia,
• National Soc. of Learning), "New Education", Bogota, Colombia
• New Civilization Conference", Fla, USA, .
• Faculty of Economics, University of Chile, "Ecology", with Dr. Juan Grau, President Chilean Inst.
of Ecology, Santiago, Chile
• Government Palace of Colombia, State Room, "Human Development" and "Human Relations",
Bogota, Colombia
• Camara Chilena de la Construccion, Series of Conferences, "The Era of Consolidation" and
"Personal Development", Santiago, Chile,
• Executives Club, "Stress and Integral Health", Bogota,
Telemedios, "Synthesis and Personal Integration", Venezuela,
• Truth & Freedom", Caracas, Venezuela,
• Univ of Cartagena,"Spiritual Development",Colombia,
• Ministry of Culture,"Efficiency &Productivity",Bogota,
• Integral Health", Santiago,
•Inner Harmony", Buenos Aires,Argentina,
• Universidad Externado Nacional de Colombia, Education"
• Networks of Light, Conference & Social Action, Washington DC, • Academy of War, Chilean Air
Force, "Humanization of Education",
•Lutheran Cultural Center of Miami,"PsychoSpiritual Development
• Colombian Institute of Family Welfare,"Education",
• Methodist Cultural Center, "Faith as the Central Unity of All Beliefs", Santiago, Chile,
•School 114 of Puente Alto, Santiago, Chile
National Insurance Institute, "The True Life Insurance"
Theatre of Puente Alto, (4)"Education in the New Era",
Drop of Honey Foundation, (3) "Transformation of Consciousness", Santiago, Chile,
School Manuel de Salas, "Education", Santiago, Chile,
General Direction of Civil Police, "Through Reason or Force", Santiago, Chile,
Higher Inst. of Police, "Vital Learning", Santiago,
Vocational School "A" 30, "Vocation and Personal self- ", Santiago, Chile,
Tejas Verdes Batallion, San Antonio, Chile

Planetarioum "Forum on Integral Health",ADEI (Academy for Integral Educational Development &
Naturopatic Foundation ofColombia,
"Inner Development and Productivity", Chile
Estadio Italiano, Forum with . Claudio Naranjo Chile
School Salesiano,"Transformational Teaching" &"Towards an integral Society"SantiagoChile, Dario
E. Salas, "Transformational Teaching",
Instituto Cultural de las Condes, Santiago, Chile,
Israel Stadium, Santiago, Chile,
"Psychosynergy", Apogeca, Caracas, Venezuela
Children & Teenagers, Buenos Aires, Argentina,
Women's House, Buenos Aires, Argentina,
Public Conferences (2), Buenos Aires, Argentina
Talk to Enterprisers,Teenagers and
Education Conference B.Aires,
Human Growth Center Conference, Malibu, Ca,
Transactional Analysis Study Center,Mexico,
General Hospital Mexico, "World Health Foundation".
Univesity for Peace & University of San Jose, "
Psychosynergy Model", Costa Rica,
University of Cartagena,"Basics for a Conscious Personal Development " and "Self-awareness &
Personal Leadership Colombia,
Wholeness in a Development Crisis, Caracas,
"Recognition of Self Power" and "Twelve Steps towards Awakening", Buenos Aires, Argentina
"Human Development", Casavilla Center, Montevideo, Uruguay,
"Vital Learning" and "Whole Health", Santiago, Chile,
Who has Personal Power", Argentina,1985.
Conferences Cicle, Bogota, Cartagena & Colombia,
Cultural Center, City Buenos Aires, "Learning for Peace"
"Education for Peace", Education Ministery, Uruguay,
"Whole Vision of a Peace World", Cultural Center of Santiago, and San Martin Cultural
Center, Buenos Aires,
"Peace for a New Era", Royal Theatre Lima Peru,
"Learning for Peace", Bogota Country Club, Rotary International & Coliseo Centro del Salitre,
Iolani Palace Honolulu HI 2007/10

Workshops, Seminars , Group Psychotherapy & Trainings ( a partial list)
Jim Simkin, Ph.D., Gestalt Training, USA, 1973.
Gestalt Institute of San Francisco,1973 "Body Awareness
Training", co-facilitator with Joe Samhi, Ph. D., Ca.,
Workshop Leader, S.A.T., Kensigton, Ca., USA, 1973.
Group Psychotherapy, sponsored by Psychotherapeutic Institute of Venezuela, 1975.
E.C.W. Trainings, Santiago-Chile; Caracas and Barquisimeto-Venezuela; BogotaColombia;
Madrid- Espana; Nueva Delhi-India,Buenos Aires Argentina and Montevideo Uruguay
Course on "Human Relations", Caracas, Venezuela1979.
Problems of Work , Bogota, Colombia, 1980.
"Relationships I & II" Bogota, Colombia, 1980.
"Synthesis Course 1, 2 & 3", Santiago, Chile, 1980.
Education Seminars, Phil., Greenwich, Conn. and Los Angeles, Ca., USA, 1981.
"Seminar on Stress" , "Integral Health Colombia, 1981.
"Neutrality" course, Santiago, Chile, 1981.
"Handling of Entrepreneurial Stress", and "Psychosynergy and Integral Health", Bogota,
Colombia, 1981.
"Psychosynergy Course", Bogota, Colombia and SantiagoChile, 1981.
Series of seven seminars on Spiritual Awareness and
Meditation Exercises, Santiago,Chile, 1981.
"Psychosynergy Training", Santiago, Chile, 1981.
"Consciousness of Abundance and Meditation Bogota, Colombia, 1981.
"Synthesis I" , Stress Control and Integral Health, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1981.-2009
"Seminar"; "Meditation & Wellbeing Bogota, Colombia1982.-2003
"Communication,Efficiency" and Abundance" Santiago,Chile, 1982.
Workshop, Bogota, Colombia, 1982."Communication" course and Seminar on Awareness
of Spiritual Exercises Santiago, Chile, 1982.
"Psychosynergy" and Relationships I & II" Bogota,Colombia, 1982.
Prosperity and Financial Survival" Chile, 1982.
Group Psychotherapy, "Ethics" and "Marriage and Family", Chile, 1982.
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[conferences continued]
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"Psychosynergy and Integrity" and "Enlightened
Sexuality Group Psychotherapy,, Santiago, Chile, 1983.
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Synergy", Architects School, Bogota, Colombia, 1983.
Psychosynergy, a new context of communication" and Chile,1983.
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Creativity and masculinity workshops, 1984. to date
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Santiago, Chile, 1985.-2004
Masculinity, Santiago, Chile, 1985/86/87/88
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Montevideo/Santiago 1986-2009

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Orphanage "La Pastora", 1979 Caracas, Venezuela
Children's Hospital "Roberto delRio, 1979 Santiago, Chile
"Casa Nacional del Niño", 1979 Santiago, Chile
Nursing Home "Mi Casa", 1979 Bogota, Colombia
Lourdes Sisters,1979 Caracas, Venezuela
Tibetan Refugees Center (2),1979 NepalOrphanage
County Action, 1979 Bogota, Colombia
Women Nursing Home "San Vicente de Paul", 1979 Santiago, Chile
Men Nursing Home "Portugal 514 1979 Santiago, Chile
Children's Home "Javiera Carrera", 1979 Santiago, Chile
Aldunate Hospice, 1979Santiago, Chile
Nursing Home for Ladies"Nazareth"1979 Santiago, Chile
Venezuelan Children's Hospital, 1979 Caracas, Venezuela
Orphanage "Barquisimeto", 1979 Venezuela.
Organization "Pro Nina Indefensa"1979 Bogota, "La Boquilla", 1979 Cartagena, Colombia
Children's Hospice "Santisima Trinidad", 1979 Bogota, Colombia
Hospice "Hogar de Cristo", 1979 Santiago, Chile
Girl's Home "Cien Aguilas" and Providence", 1979Santiago, Chile
Self-Help Social Action "JuanXXIII", 1980 Bogota, Colombia
Venezuelan Children's Counsel, 1980 Caracas, Venezuela
Girl's Home "Santiago", andBoarding School No. 1, 1980 Santiago, Chile
Old Age Hospice "Ernesto Pinto Lagarrigue", 1980 Santiago, Chile
Educational Institute "Carolina Uslar de Rodriguez", 1980 Caracas, Venezuela
Jail of the Good Shepherd, 1980 Bogota, Colombia
Children' Home"Bethel", 1980 Santiago, Chile
Girl's Home "Maria Inmaculada" congregation, young girls counseling, 1980 Chile
Children from "Hogar Cien Aguilas", 1980 Santiago, Chile
Hospice Esperanza 972-976,1980 Santiago, Chile
Boy's Home "Galvarino", 1980Santiago, Chile
Hospice "Juan Vicuna 1457",& Old Age Home "Portugal", 1980 Santiago, Chile
Christmas, 1980Cartagena, Colombia
Girl's Home "Cien Aguilas", & Old Age Home "Portugal", 1981 Santiago, Chile
Pedro Aguirre Cerda Hospital,1981 Santiago, Chile
Annex Camp "Flamingo", 1981 and E.C.W. Office, 1981 Santiago, Chile
Forestation by Guasco River, 1981 Bogota, Colombia
Nursing Home, 1981 Los Angeles, Ca., USA
Conference & Social Action Networks of Light, 1981Washington DC, USA
Old Age Home "Casa Misericordia", 1981&School Puente Alto, 1981 Chile
Forestation Project 1981Santiago, Chile
Clothes Gathering, 1981 Miami, USA
Old Age Home "San Jose", visit with girls from "Hogar Cien Aguilas", 1982 Jose Joaquin
Aguirre Hospital, Maternity and Newborn, 1982 Chile
Children's Home "Bethel" (2) 1982 Santiago, Chile
Children Home "Nuestra Senora de la Paz", visit with children
Children Home "Nuestra Senora de la Paz", 1983 Santiago, Chile
Integrity Day, 1983 Cartagena, Colombia
Frist National Festival for Peace, 1983 Santiago, Chile
Drop of Honey, 1984 Buenos Aires, Argentina
Seminars on Human Development 1985-93 World Wide
Emergency Clothes and Funds Gathering for Bosnia Herzogovina 92-93
Construction of shelters for Tibetan Refugees 1998-2000
Group Psychotherapy, and Habitat for Humanity Functions 2001-2004

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OTHER MEDIA (partial list)

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Multiple TV programs in Uruguay and Argentina during 1984-1987 Awarded in Argentina during
ExpoTV 1987, New Age TV Communications "The Human Factor"
"Quality of Life": Filming several TV programs at University of Chile TV Networks,
Latin American Production Agreement for Uruguay and Argentina. 1987.
Cordialmente Channel 13 Argentina
Badia y Cia Channel 13 Argentina
Notinueve Channel 9 Argentina
TV ARGENTINA 1989-2004
USA TV Interviews on Recovery of the Sacred, The Healing Power of the Self etc 1994- 2011

2 Radio
Interview for Radio Caracas, Venezuela, Aug. 1981.
Interview and Press Conference for Radio Bogota as nominee to "Right Livelihood Foundation
Award", Colombia, Aug. 1981.
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Radio Portales: Forum on Stress, Santiago, Apr. 1983.
Hundreds of radio interviews in Uruguay and Argentina, and through the Iberoamerican Network
to all cities in Latin America and spanish networks in the USA. Awarded Golden Dolphin Prize for
Human Concious Communications.89-2004

3 Video tape and DVD Productions
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Introductory Talk, Santiago, Chile, Mar. 1982.
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Forum, Santiago, Chile, Mar. 1982.
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Second Conference of Golden Age Education in Chile,Apr. 1982.
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Vital Learning, Santiago, Chile, Oct. 1982.
Fifth Anniversary of E.C.W., Santiago, Chile, Mar. 1983.
Sequence of hundred of lectures, seminars and talks in Colombia Chile Argentina and Uruguay
1985-90 Separate detailed listing
TELEMUNDO Miami 1992
NTV Cable Network 1992-2004
Book Tours USA Argentina Chile and Europe 1994-2000
11.4 Audio Cassettes[spanish]
Over 3000 recorded hours of conferences, talks, seminars and courses or trainings dealing
with the following subjetcs[1978 /2004):
- Learning to Learn,- Transformation of Consciousness,- Education of the New Era,- Peace in the
New Era,- Integral Health & Stress Control,- Psychosynergy,- Quality of Life and Education,-
Consciousness of Abundance,- Fluorishing and Prosperity,- Neutrality,- The Unity of Experience ,-
Health professionals)- Vital Learning,- Ethics,- Wellbeing
- Meditation,- Personal Development,- - Self-knowledge,- Responsibility
- The Creation of a Space of Harmony,- The observation of living in search of the Self; Deidentification
process.- Transpersonal Perspective
- Communication Seminars,- Nutrition: Its effects on learning capacity
- Inner Peace,- Self-deception: Which Ways Do We Choose to do it?
- Golden Age of Integration: To produce a Society for the Highest Good of All,- Purpose of
Existence,- Completing Experiences,- Humor
⁃ That which Is Life,- Improvement on the Quality of Life.,- Love ,- Men,-
Women,_- Children