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Carlos Warter is a renowned spiritual teacher, transpersonal psychotherapist, medical doctor & acclaimed author specializing in transformation of consciousness through self-discovery workshops, spirituality & inner work.

It's time to deepen your

journey of self discovery.



Self Realization Workshops

Deepen the journey of your self discovery. Dr. Warter's workshops accelerate your understanding of yourself and the purpose of your life in a loving way. This work is deep, effective and will create profound positive changes in your life.

Create Calm, Joy and Happiness in your life every day

Overcome daily worry, uncertainty, and stress and live in the “now.” Learn how to let go of painful past emotions that block you from experiencing true happiness and fulfillment in the present.

Attract More Meaningful, Connected, and Loving Relationships

Are you wanting deeper connections and loving relationships in your life? Learn how to obtain those true and meaningful connections, without chasing or pursuing love.

Break free from your self-limiting patterns of thinking and behavior.

Dr. Warter will guide you to connect with your limitless, authentic self and when connected, you can find peace, joy, abundance and love. It is from this place that you can give and love unconditionally, find clarity and purpose.

These workshops are for people who seek real, personal transformation and are willing to dive deep into developing true knowledge of themselves.

It's time to deepen your journey of self discovery.

You are worth it.

The Work of Carlos Warter, MD

Dr. Warter's life has been dedicated to empowering the sacred into health and medicine. He's been teaching seminars globally for over 40 years. They combine the wisdom of ancient spiritual practices with modern day science, medicine and techniques.

He’s journeyed between the fields of Western medicine and the deep exploration of spiritual practices from around the world throughout his life. During that time, he's been able to work with 1000’s of people helping them discover more about themselves, receive healing and create better lives so they can be of greater service to their communities, families and businesses.


Who is Carlos?

Dr. Carlos Warter is a globally renowned medical doctor, transpersonal psychotherapist, spiritual teacher, and acclaimed author, specializing in the transformation of consciousness.

He has lectured extensively around the world on peace, mediation, mindfulness, spiritual values for change, human relations, psychotherapy, and global consciousness. He has participated in conferences with colleagues such as Ram Dass, Deepka Chopra, and Jack Canfield.

Carlos Warter teaches workshops around the word that combine the wisdom of ancient spiritual practices with modern day science, and spiritual teachings.




DECEMBER 28, 2018 - JANUARY 1, 2019

Reignite Your Inner Fire: A New Beginning for the New Year

Celebrate the New Year by making a deep commitment to your own inner Self and Inner Work. Join Dr. Warter as he explores the sacred energies of the Kundalini, Shiva and Shakti energies.

Learn how these energies can ignite your inner power to help you become powerfully present to your Self and your Soul’s purpose.


Private Sessions

Dr. Warter maintains a limited private practice and provides therapy and medication treatment to those that need help. In order to schedule an evaluation session, please email Dr. Warter.