A Time of Spiritual Hunger

We live in a time of great spiritual hunger, but within each of us is a means of ending this famine. People around the world are beginning to sense the presence of a seed inside them.


This seed has long been ignored by psychology, sociology, and the medical profession. Without guidance from these fields, men and women are forced to search for its proper care: how to water it, fertilized it and make sure it receives enough light. Some look to ancient wisdom, some to religious traditions, some to modern science. Regardless of the path individuals take, all want the same thing. Each wants his or her seed to mature into the fruit that will feed all of mankind the fruit of the spirit; the soul.

In our present time, most human experience does not include the sacred and the secular in combination. We tend to separate the two, giving each a place to reside that is completely unconnected with the other. And as our world shrinks and speeds at an ever-quickening pace, we seem to have moved all things have to do with contemplative nature of the soul far away from us. We view altered state of consciousness, states in which we can perceive an existence beyond our own, as signs of illness psychosis. We view ancient mystical traditions that talk of living a life of spiritual pursuits in combination with service to our fellow man and woman as so much superstition. Doctors who promote spiritual psychology as a means of radical self-transformation and the use of prayer as a means of healing the body, are viewed with suspicion or viewed as dangerous to their patients and themselves. This is a strange development from a historical perspective because in the past, humankind has always joined the mind, body, and spirit in harmony and mutual support.

But all of this is beginning to change.

A new spiritual consciousness is entering the planet, one that connects us all. We see this manifesting in many ways. Business people are reevaluating what they want in life, and are finding that their families are more important than their careers. There is a movement in progress in this country that involves people acting with kindness towards others for no other reason than the connection that exists between all people.

We are realizing that all mankind came from the same traditions, and all our religions developed from these shared traditions. Current science is also a part of this change. The development of quantum theory in the past 25 years has led physicists to view the world and the universe as an organic whole, not a fragmented reality. It is the realization of these numerous connections that is bringing mankind forward into a time of spiritual awakening.

Dr. Carlos Warter, M.D., PhD.

excerpted from his book Recovery of the Sacred, Lessons in Soul Awareness

Meredith Lawida