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A Deep Experience of Love

  • vista, california United States (map)

There are as many notions of Love as there are people in the world yet none of these are real as concepts since these are mere descriptions of states of being.  Love is experienced in your heart in the exact moment you are living it.

 In this retreat, Dr. Warter will work with each participant to help you move beyond every idea you have of Love and provide you the space for a direct experience of the ocean of Love within which we all exist.

This direct experience can then be brought current as you move through your life after the retreat to provide you with a deep, direct and meaningful context for your relationships with yourself and others.

Love experienced in the moment leads to other higher states like compassion, joy, bliss and acceptance.  Without the ongoing experience of it, we are left with echoes of Love that point the way back but ultimately remain unsatisfying.

Retreats with Dr. Warter are different then any other work you have experienced because they are solely focused on you and are fully based in reality.  While other "spiritual" teachers give you information, concepts and experiences, Dr. Warter deals in reality.

His work creates no distinction between "spirituality" and you.  All of your psychological, social, economic, relationship and soul issues are seen as part of the whole and are addressed and used in the process of your personal enlightenment journey.

The objective of this retreat is to provide you with a deep, meaningful and everlasting experience of Love that you can return to in each moment of every day.