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Creativity and Consciousness

  • Vista, california (map)

In this gathering we will explore the deep mystery of creativity and it's relationship to individual and collective consciousness.  One of the joys of being human is the ability to create.  To bring into existence, out of nothing, ideas, thoughts and feelings which compose a new wholeness that can be experienced by all: As such, through out individual and collective talents, creation becomes realization.

As we  explore the nature of consciousness, the creativity and the link to our own unique lives, we empower the ability to create.  We will look at where new ideas originate, what role our subconscious plays and and explore the deep well of creativity that exists in the universe.

You will leave with a new understanding of your Self, consciousness and the creative process.

EARLY BIRD PRICE:  $777 until May 15

PRICE after May 15:  $999

FOOD & HOUSING:  $250 (includes housing and all meals)