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Sacred Chakra and Kundalini Activation: Part 2 of 3

Exploring Sacred Chakra and Kundalini Activation

Early Bird Tuition paid before August 1, 2018 is $777.  Afterwards, $999.  A 3% fee will be added for the use of credit card

As seen in the Wall Street Journal and the AJP, science and medicine are just beginning to discover the value of the thousands of years old tradition and practices of the Hindu mystics.  

Silently repeating a word or phrase is proven to promote relaxation, increase emotional regulation and reduce stress. Their life enhancing effects are real and provable, if applied properly. Recently called "Mantram Therapy" or "Mantration", it's now being used to study the positive effects of specific Mantras on different illnesses.

In this series of three workshops, Dr. Warter goes into depth on the origin and practice of a system of Mantras that arise out of this tradition:

  • Part 1 focused on the activation and clearing of each Chakra and expanding the concepts we have of who we are to include more then just the physical body. 
  • Part 2 will focus on the activation of the Kundalini Energy
  • Part 3 (Over New Years), will integrate all of the practices into a powerful whole. The use of sounds, colors and visualizations that have been used by ancient tradition associated with each Chakra will be explored. 

For those who missed Part 1, Dr. Warter will deliver a two day pre-workshop that will teach all of the meditations, mantras and chakra clearing work that was delivered to participants in Part 1 so that all participants will be ready to move forward into Kundalini activation together.

We will use this experience to help us build a set of integrated energy fields that contain our physical body.  From this new understanding, we can dramatically improve our lives, relationships, reactions to stress, sleep and overall wellbeing.

This work is not theoretical. Dr. Warter uses his own initiatory experiences and the latest in scientific research to teach the location, nature and use of each chakra and mantra, as well as the inter-relationships between the chakras. 

This series is fully experiential and immersive:

  • Dr. Warter will dive deep into each Mantra and align it with the practical value it can provide in your life
  • He will then move beyond the Chakra system to explore the opening of the Kundalini energy system and the expansion of that energy through the system.
  • You will leave having a set of tools and experiences that you can use every day 

Pre-Workshop (August 29 @ 9AM to August 30 @ 5PM) $1088 for the six days

The first of three workshops have already occurred, so Dr. Warter is offering a  two day pre-workshop for new participants. This pre-workshop will help bring the participants up to speed with the continuing students and is for an additional fee.

Learn this ancient mystical model of our energy systems and enjoy the weekend with a teacher that synthesizes the ancient traditions with modern science.  You will gain tools that will increase your happiness, creativity, reduce stress and deepen your connection with yourself.