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Independence to Integration: A Celebration of Life

Each moment of life is a gift.  We often let the complexity of life overwhelm our experience of this gift.  We can lose our connection with our essential self, leading to anxiety, depression and unhappiness.

Life can only be celebrated when it can be fully experienced.  That means learning how to focus on what is essential and permanently movin the residence of our awareness to live from this place.

The times we live in create even more opportunities to forget ourselves andour purpose on this earth.  A retreat with Dr. warter is a retreat into your essential self.  From there, participants can access their own wisdom and vision to follow their path and complete their mission in this life.  

Join Dr. Warter in this powerful retreat in Southern California that will focus on how to celebrate your life by re-centering your consicousnes on your eternal self.

  • Logistics and Costs
  • Tuition: $700/$888/$999
  • Food and Housing: $500 for shared accomodations near the retreat
  • Participants are responsible for travel arrangements.