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Independence to Integration: A Celebration of Life

This is a time to reconnect with Dr. Carlos Warter (and yourself) in a new way and celebrate life itself.  It is a time to throw away your conceptions and preconceptions about who you are and what Dr. Warter's work is, and come to this retreat with an entirely new mind.  Carlos' work continues to expand in both scope and depth and this will be a unique opportunity to take advantage of his teaching in a powerful way that can transform your life in a positive way.  

 Whether this is your first retreat or you have been to many, you will find the upcoming retreat unlike anything else you have ever experienced.

Dr. Warter's work is as alive as he is and this retreat will incorporate all of his experiences over his lifetime, connect it to what is happening in the world today and provide you with a deeply spiritual, individual and life provoking experience that may change you forever.

Join Dr. Warter in this powerful retreat in San Diego, California that will focus on how to celebrate your life by re-centering your consciousness on your eternal self.

Tuition for the retreat is $700 if you pay by May 15, $888 if you pay by June 15 and $999 thereafter.  Registering early both saves you money and allows us more certainty in planning the event so please register ASAP to reserve your place!

Community Housing will be coordinated by Dr. Warter's staff. If you are coming from outside the San Diego area, please register for housing. More information will be available as we get closer to the event.