The World Health Foundation for Development and Peace, founded by Dr. Warter, is a nonprofit educational organization whose mission is to spread the ideas and programs that engender better health, better welfare and a better quality life throughout the world.

Mission and Purpose:

This work is accomplished by empowering individuals and groups to create projects in their home regions that are in alignment with their own vision for their communities. A better quality of life, holistic health, ecological education and public policy grounded in an altruistic perspective for public service are its objectives. It was established in 1982 as a non-profit educational corporation and was granted the Peace Messenger Award by the United Nations in 1987. The World Health Foundation for Development and Peace premises are based on the integration of the global meaning of health, education and Peace and its applications to the development of science, art, technology and human values.

Developing Responsible Citizenship:

Every year hundreds of thousands of men and women become citizens of this great nation. They bring new skills, talents and ideas to our society, they bring diversity and multiplicity to our culture, they inspire others and build careers, families and new businesses.Unfortunately, many of them come from countries and cultures where disobedience of the law, civil dishonesty and corruption is a way of life. Frequently, they have not being able to enjoy in their communities the benefits of responsible citizenship, consequently cannot appreciate its value and importance.

Americans by Choice Education Program:

Americans by choice is an educational program designed to teach appreciation and respect for civility and the laws. Through a conscientious and empowering methodology new residents and citizens to be, learn to recognize, to value, to welcome and to enjoy the great outcome that responsible citizenship and community involvement have in their adoptive society and the entire country at large. The comprehensive American by Choice Educational Program on Public Spirit for New Residents and Citizens of the United States of America has two interrelated activities: The Individual Empowerment Program and the Institutional Empowerment Program.

Dr. Warter speaks at the State of the World Forum:

The growing integration of the world through information technology and economic globalization illustrates profoundly the need for rigorous multi-stakeholder dialogue and inquiry into the practical design and the compassionate, sustainable management of human systems. Increasingly, with information technologies empowering individuals everywhere, humanity's future rests with the people of the world and the networks they are creating.
Successful global governance must include not only governments but the private sector and civil society as peers in a co-creative process of discernment and cooperation. Only when these three major sectors of society are included in the deliberations concerning the human future will the answers we seek begin to emerge.
The intent of the State of the World Forum is to work with partners world-wide to accomplish two objectives: to help galvanize the emergence of the private sector and civil society as key players in global governance; and to keep the questions of ethics and equity on the forefront of humanitys decisions related to globalization and the applications of scientific and technological advances.
Nothing short of this is worth the potential future to which the 21st century and the third millennium point. It is to this that Forum 2000 is dedicated.

Americans by Choice Educational Program:

Americans by Choice Educational Program is a comprehensive educational program developed by The World Health Foundation for Development and Peace and implemented by The Corporation for Educational Empowerment. Its mission is to empower individuals, through a process of personal rediscovering and revaluation, first, to be able to recognize and appreciate their own, as well as others, ethnic cultural values and heritage, and secondly, to learn how to incorporate these values and personal abilities into the American society and culture so they can participate as active and productive members.

Purpose of the Program:

I. To serve as a foundation for the teaching and dissemination of notions oriented to a better quality of life in which participants will develop abilities as responsible and active citizens.
II. To develop new educational projects in the fields of mutual understanding.
III. To connect and disseminate information of related skills to individuals and groups who are in the process of developing global vision.
IV. To disseminate technology and information via audiovisuals, publications and seminars with purposeful and positive meanings oriented to the promotion of a better culture.

The Problem:

Immigration policies implemented in the last 10 years plus recently signed international treaties, agreements and Congressional Acts, are attracting massive immigration and quickly incorporating them into our communities. They globally make tremendous contributions to the diversity and multicultural composition of our society which is translated into great benefits to the community. However, an unprecedented large number of the newcomers, are culturally and civilly unprepared to incorporate themselves and fully assimilate the U.S. culture of the third millennium, creating a progressive deterioration of the common standard of living as well as the general well-being of the society. 
In addition, the lack of social and civil adaptation, creates a constant conflict between the maladjusted immigrant, the civil framework and the established authorities, originating a psychological and emotional wear out of all parties. The World Health Foundation for Development and Peace has identified these two alarming and very destructive circumstances taken place in our communities and wants to help.

The Solution:

In order to provide a practical and viable solution for the Problem The World Health Foundation for Development and Peace has commissioned and contracted an executive separate legal entity named The Corporation for Educational Empowerment whose mission is to formulate and implement educational plans to remedy and hopefully reverse this critical development.

Source Element:

We acknowledge the contributions of all the people quoted or whose words and ideas you may recognize in this document that have not been cited because they have become part of the public domain. 
We are standing on the shoulders of giants. We dedicate this document to all forefathers and all descendants, to all the peoples of the earth who join us in spirit and in our quest for wholeness. We acknowledge the inspiration and contribution of Dr. Halfdan Mahler, Former Director General of The World Health Organization, The late Willis Harman, former President of IONS Marilyn Ferguson, author of The Aquarian Conspiracy, The Board of Directors, Advisory Board, Staff, assistants and supporters of The World World Health Foundation for Development And Peace for Development And Peace.


As Dr. Halfdan Mahler, Director-General of The United Nations World Health Organization, said, "We have the resources and technology to achieve Health for All by 2000 A.D., what we lack is the inspiration and commitment." We are very close to this date and very little changes have really been achieved since the Alma Ata Declaration.
We, The World Health Foundation for Development And Peace, will provide the inspiration and commitment needed to find solutions to problems of health existing in the world. We understand that the body's cry for help in illness must be understood for what it really is, the human spirit crying out for fulfillment, meaning and purpose.
We realize that we are not separate from one another, and that our combined Self is greater than the sum of our individual beings.
The World Health Foundation for Development And Peace began with the vision of a small group of people in the San Francisco area holding the dream of Health for All in their hearts and souls.
Our purpose is to contribute to a shift in global consciousness which creates the conditions necessary for the End of Needless Suffering and The Achievement of Health for All.
We join with the 158 nations which have already signed the Alma Ata Charter with The United Nations World Health Organization to provide the inspiration and commitment to create those conditions necessary for a global shift to occur.

Definition of Health:

By "Health" we do not mean just the absence of disease. Health is a quality of connectedness. As Socrates said in 500 B.C. "There is no illness of the body apart from the mind."
Our first step is to see Health as flowing from an awareness of our own wholeness. Health is the integration of mind, body and spirit, and our awareness and appreciation of everything we think, do and feel. From this awareness we will come to know that health and fulfillment are possible in each moment, here and now. Health goes beyond what we can see and measure. It has spirit quality, and energy flow. As Indira Gandhi said, "Wellness is not the absence of illness but a glowing vitality, a feeling of wholeness with a capacity for continuous intellectual and spiritual growth."
Wellness is never static. We do not get well or stay well. We move through degrees and levels of wellness. Each person has an inherent right to wellness. The "well" being does not have a superior quality like strength, bravery, youth, or even freedom from illness. From the context of wholeness one can have wellness even when physically handicapped, aged, in pain or in fear. We can move into a state of wellness no matter what our current state of health happens to be. We can grow and change, and allow ourselves to be healthy and happy in any given moment.

The Relationship between Health and Wholeness

Wholeness is the context which allows for the integration of mind, body and spirit. It is a condition from which we experience ourselves in balance and harmony. This wholeness is a context from which we can view circumstances that may have seemed hopeless, as opportunities for what is possible, and as a source of learning which contributes to wholeness. All circumstances are opportunities for wholeness.
Wholeness is not perfection. It is the acceptance of one's complete humanness which includes both our strengths and weaknesses. Wholeness may include all states of health. Wholeness is a context for experiencing illness as connecting us to others who are healthy. When we declare ourselves to the world as being whole and complete we include within this declaration our present state of health and our ever changing circumstances. This declaration is on going and it is wholeness.
As we become aware of our wholeness we begin to see how we have viewed ourselves as broken or imperfect and separate from others. We must acknowledge that our sense of separation is pervasive and that it is an illusion. There is no separation. Our fear of each other and our fear of unity divide us. The time has come for us to take a stand and to know that each of us is whole and complete and part of a larger world which is also whole and complete.

What is needless suffering?

In this technological age, we now have vast archives of advanced research and knowledge at our fingertips with the scientific and intellectual know-how to cure and prevent most diseases, disabilities and unworkable conditions which exist in the world today.
For example, with simple medicines diarrhea presents only a mild nuisance to children in the industrialized world. Yet, over five million children die every year in Third World countries because of diarrheal diseases. 1) Children dying from diarrhea is needless suffering. In India six million people are blind from cataracts. The Aravind Eye Hospital in India can perform a simple operation which will restore the sight of many of those people needlessly blind. The hospital has the capacity to perform 30,000 restorations annually at a cost of S5 per person, yet only 8,000 people are taking advantage of this operation. 2) Being blind when sight is so readily available is needless suffering.
In the United States 153,000 Americans under the age of 65 die from heart attacks each year. Each day over 1,500 suffer a non-fatal attack and many are partially or totally disabled, leaving them to face the risk of a future attack. In addition, one million Americans under 65 are victims of stroke each year, and 30,000 of these prove fatal. Despite the advances in understanding of life style changes which can reduce the risk of premature death and disability, such as relaxation training, good nutrition, exercise, smoking cessation and blood pressure control, the toll keeps mounting. At least 90 percent of the fatal and near-fatal episodes of premature strokes and heart attacks are preventable. 3)This is needless suffering. 4) "The influence of the Cartesian paradigm on medical thought resulted in the so-called biomedical model, which constitutes the conceptual foundation of modern scientific medicine." 5)"By concentrating on smaller and smaller fragments of the body, modern medicine often loses sight of the patient as a human being, and by reducing health to mechanical functioning, it is no longer able to deal with the phenomenon of healing."
The belief that nature can be reduced to mathematical descriptions, and the domination of rational and scientific thought overshadow the tremendous achievements of men like Copernicus, Galileo and Newton. 6) The American poet Robinson Jeffers wrote, "Science and mathematics run parallel to reality, they squint at it, but they never touch it, it would unsky the world and shatter the bones of mankind into little white fragments, if any mind should, but for a moment, touch truth."
7) As we progressed along the path of rational scientific thought and attempted to reduce nature to a mathematical description, we also separated the body from mind and spirit. We lost sight of who we really are because we could not know our essential nature if we could not scientifically prove it.
8) In the words of C.G. Jung, "There is another person in ourselves-that larger and greater personality maturing within us, who we have already met as an inner friend of the soul-this relationship is a mystery to the scientific intellect (the ego), becustomed to regard these things unsympathetically. But if it made allowance for feeling, we it is the friend whom the sun-god takes with him on his chariot."
We do not intend to demean scientific inquiry, nor our analytical capacity, but rather we seek to restore their proper perspective in the light of our wholeness. We have made dramatic advances in the treatment of diseases. Such as Pasteur's correlation of microbes with specific ailments. However, we have lost our way in Koch's search for causes of illness by reducing organisms to their smallest parts. Ironically, it was Pasteur who said on his death bed: "It is not the bacteria, it is the terrain." 9) Our discovery of cures for disease introduced us to the notion that someone else with scientific knowledge could assume responsibility for our health. So began the denial of the healing force within all of us.
With the growth of humanistic philosophy, we overthrew God and the angels, and in so doing left ourselves answerable to no one but ourselves. By separating ourselves from nature and the cosmos, we came to believe that we are the only beings on earth with rights or destiny. Thus began the wholesale slaughter of forests, entire species of animals, and the pollution of our skies and oceans. We no longer live in harmony with nature but against her.
In the words of the Indian mystical poet, Kabir: "The universe is shot through in all parts by a single sort of love, and the arrogance of our reason has separated us from that love."When we begin to rely solely upon reason, and ignore the wisdom of the heart, we lose the ability to look in new directions. The technology resulting from the Scientific Revolution has produced a reduction in infectious diseases, however, it has also produced as many problems as it has cures. As we address nutrition and sanitation worldwide, we are still confronting new diseases, such as chronic stress. Will wellness ever be accessible to us? We must not look toward our technology alone to heal us.
Dr. Lewis Thomas, Head of the Sloan Kettering Cancer Institute, said, "Just a few years ago . . . I predicted that we were nearly finished with the problem of infection, and that only a handful of still unsettled matters needed to be tidied up here and there. Moreover, I took the stand that our microbial adversaries make up a finite, short list; once done with those still at large, I saw no reason to imagine the existence of others still unknown."
With the advent of such diseases as Legionnaire's disease, Lyme arthritis, and, more recently, AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome), we are now facing biological mysteries that are not nearly under control. Dr. Thomas goes on to state, "I take it all back now, we are not about to finish the job of infectious diseases, nor are we likely to in the near term, maybe not in the long, long term."
Usually it is the physical aspect of a human being that comes to mind when we use the word "health." If you have a cold, high blood pressure or cancer, you're obviously ill. However, if you've lost your job, or it's smoggy, or you cannot get along with your spouse, you're still considered to be healthy. There is nothing wrong with you physically, there is nothing to see your doctor about, your health seems quite intact. Is this health? The body is apparently healthy, but what about the person? What about the spirit and the soul? What about the emotional aspects? And what about the environment's impact on you? We can lose our natural knowing about our well-being and transfer responsibility for our health to professionals administering complex technical knowledge. We lose sight of who we are as whole, unified and balanced human beings.
Another aspect of this lack of responsibility relates to our communication with health professionals. Technical jargon separates us as patients from those who want to heal us. As patients we feel alienated while our doctors and other health professionals feel frustrated with their inability to explain without jargon. This condition discourages patients from assuming responsibility in their own cure and prevents a partnership between doctor and patient from occurring. Neither patient nor health professional can realize his or her own full potential from this matrix.
By overemphasizing the technical treatment of disease we lose sight of the capacity of our families, culture, and society to nurture and heal us during illness. For example, Thomas McKeown, in his health studies report of the past 300 years in England and Wales, pointed out that medical advances generally coincided with, rather than caused, improvements in health. Only 10% of the improvements in the mortality from infectious disease could be traced to specific medical intervention. The remaining 90% of improvements were traced to such non-medical influences as environment, nutrition, and social advances.


The phrase "walk on two feet" is adopted from a Chinese motto used during the transition from a feudal society to a modern technological one. It was coined to illustrate that the Chinese would blend the old with the new. Both old wooden plows used for thousands of years in China and new tractors made in the plants in Peking would be used to cultivate the fields - one furrow from the man and the ox and ten from the tractor, working side by side to feed the people.
We are moving into a new age in which we need to utilize everything that is available to us, including the wisdom of our forefathers and the newest technology. For example, the medical specialist can work with the traditional faith healer, the anesthesiologist with the accupuncturist, and the nurse practitioner with the barefoot doctor. As we work in partnership and cooperation, our vision of health expands and the possibilities of our own evolution accelerate.
The English scientist Peter Russell says the process is well underway and we are moving toward the "Gaiafield" where nations and individuals will be guided by the magnetic force of planetary consciousness. Here Gaia (our planet -named for the Greek goddess of the earth) will behave as a single organism guided by a single flow of thoughts. Russell says, "We may well be headed towards a critical mass of consciousness, beyond which the momentum of raising consciousness would outweigh the inertia of the old ego-based model. If so, crossing the threshold would represent a major transformation for humanity. Beyond it society may well be completely transformed."
How soon will we reach the "Gaiafield"? Evolution has been accelerating at an ever-increasing rate. Teillhard de Chardin, the great French paleontologist, said it would take thousands or even millions of years for a new humanity to emerge. Sri Aurobindo believed it could happen within the next three hundred years. Russell asserts that we may see it within the next two decades.
We can bring planetary well-being into reality by viewing the existing conditions and patterns of thought in the world as an opportunity. As we alter our view of the present chaos and fragmentation of global health we see this as the beginning of our moving toward a higher level of wellness for all human beings. Viewed through this shift in context, the World Health Organization, for example, can be seen as manifesting an unfolding of evolution in human consciousness.
The World Health Organization has estimated that over 80% of all infectious illness and diseases in the _1/4 Third World are attributable to contaminated drinking water. 2 This is a new consciousness. The World Health Organization has declared the 1980's as the "water decade"; 158 nations of the earth have joined together in beginning a campaign for the purification of water and the eradication of disease. This is active partnership in the unfolding of creation. We know today that we have the knowledge and means to ensure basic sanitation all over the earth. 3 Looking at these two facts from the context of Health for All, the U.N. General Assembly launched the International Drinking Water Supply and Sanitation Decade on November 10, 1980. The goal was to provide safe drinking water and adequate sanitation by 1990 for two billion people in the developing countries.4 We had the resources and technology to accomplish this and yet most people were unaware of the existence of this campaign.
Scientists are pointing out that the world population is expected to stabilize soon. The figure l0 is held as a benchmark in evolutionary development. It takes ten billion atoms to make a single, living cell. It takes the same number of cells to produce an ordinary human consciousness. Therefore, it should take ten billion individuals to create a global brain. At this point we could expect a new form of unity, "The Gaifield, this earth unity, this global vision, will not be the property of individual human beings any more than consciousness is the property of individual cells. It will occur at the planetary level, emerging from the combined interactions of all the minds within the social superorganism."
Peter Russell, in asserting that the process is well under way, cites the growing popularity of such consciousness raising practices in the world as meditation, yoga, biofeedback and hypnosis - inner technologies which can lead to the emergence of the "Gaiafield." Bv "Gaiafield" we mean that turning point at which all of Humankind, releasing its fear, becomes Godkind.
It appears to most profound thinkers, religious leaders, mystics, philosophers and scientists that the global brain is inevitable; that it is actually our human destiny. It seems to be where we are headed, but if we don't get where we are going, Gaia and the rest of the universe will simply go on without us. Our extinction as a species will not appreciably alter the evolution of the Universe. There are billions of planets, billions of Gaias, in our galaxy alone. The death of one species would be no more catastrophic to the universe than the death of one cell is to the human body. Indeed, the death and birth of individual cells is an essential part of the maintenance of life, and of the universe around us. In a similar way, entire Gaias may be emerging and dying within a still larger "galactic superorganism." Clusters of awakened galaxies may represent individual cells in the single life of a universal living system, a universe becoming conscious of itself.
In Building The Earth, Teilhard de Chardin wrote about the potential and promise of self love and planetary harmony, "There finally emerges in our twentieth century human consciousness, for the first time since the awakening of life on the earth, the fundamental problem of Action. No longer for our small selves, for our small family, for our small country; but for the salvation and the success of the universe, we must as modern humans, organize the progress of human energy for the best. A substantial part of this tide of available energy will immediately be absorbed in the expansion of man in matter. But another part, and that the most precious, will inevitably flow back to the levels of spiritual energy.
Between Man and Woman the reciprocal power of sensitization and the spiritual fertilization is demanding to be released. Spiritualized love penetrates into the unknown. In every field we will begin to live constantly in the presence and with the thought of the whole. The organization of human energy taken in its entirety directs and impels us towards the ultimate formation above each personal element, of a common human soul.
Daily the awakening to a superconsciousness becomes better based scientifically and more necessary psychologically . . . this very idea pushed to its logical conclusion, seems the only one capable of making mankind ready for the great event-a synthetic act of adoration in which the passionate desire to conquer the world, and the passionate desire to unite ourselves with God are allied and mutually exalted-a vital act, corresponding to a new sacred age of the earth."
The inescapable truth is that we have been given an opportunity to look at ourselves now with some perspective. It's time now to start asking some big questions, to live within those questions, because this line of thinking offers some powerful answers. We have an opportunity to alter the way we think about almost everything and this alteration is necessary to our survival. We are asking you, and everybody else on the planet, to walk along with us, side by side, to Walk on Two Feet.


"What great doctors do is awaken the doctor within."
--Albert Schweitzer

This is an invitation to awaken the doctor within you, and for you to awaken your family, and your planet. We can bring into existence a condition, which is just becoming available - a condition of wholeness. With the awakening of our higher selves, that wisdom of the heart that we all possess, we will heal one another's brokeness and dissolve the illusions of our separation. As Ken Wilber said,"Why are you unhappy? Because 99.9% of everything you think and everything you do is for your self, and there isn't one."
We are at the brink of an evolutionary leap and the opportunities to experience our wholeness have never been greater. The shift in global consciousness has begun. The breakthrough birthing method of French Obstetrician Frederic Leboyer is an example. Babies are born into a dimly lit environment in silence and then gently welcomed, massaged and placed in a warm bath. The baby smiles rather than cries as it stretches.
A French experiment studied 120 babies delivered by the Leboyer method, all from mothers who knew nothing of the new method when they arrived at the hospital for delivery. These babies scored higher on psychomotor scales than the average infant, had superior digestion, walked earlier, and were surprisingly likely to be ambidextrous.2 They come into life free of birth trauma, in a loving and nurturing way, with enhanced well-being.
The world is being born anew for us. When we surround the planet and our selves with wholeness, there is a point at which the world and the human begin to reflect one another. When your interior is cluttered or is in emotional chaos your environment reflects it. Therefore, when you create wholeness within you there is an automatic shift in the reality you create. As we see that our thinking creates our reality and shapes the way we experience our circumstances, then we can see that it also contributes to the planetary reality as well. As George Leonard said, "At the heart of each of us, whatever our imperfections, there exists a silent pulse and a perfect rhythm, a complex wave of forms and resonance's, which is absolutely individual and unique, and connects us to everything in the universe."
Three and a half billion years a go the first cells came into being and began the journey of evolving consciousness. We have lost touch with that evolution and have the opportunity to move into a new age as conscious participants in our evolution. In this way we become active partners in creation and in the unfolding of our human destiny.
This consciousness, this awakening the doctor within, is something that has been available and accessible to relatively few people on the planet up to now. As the boundaries between psychology, physics, metaphysics and philosophy dissolve, all of us are beginning to experience an ability to access a higher self.
We are moving into this realm of higher consciousness with a plan. We are becoming aware that we are not alone. We are discovering that there really is "An Aquarian Conspiracy," and we are aware that the World Health Organization is grappling with planetary well-being and we as individuals are also grappling with this same issue in our own hearts. We have not been able before this time to see the diseases that have plagued us for thousands of years as anything more than an individual experience. We are realizing that what we call disease has global implications. As Buckminster Fuller said, "The problem is we are all on one planet called 'Spaceship Earth' and most of us view ourselves as Passengers, when in realitv there is no man, woman or child who is not on the crew."
In the light of this wholeness, this expanded consciousness, we begin to see the world's problems from a place of vision. Archimedes said, "Give me a lever and a place to stand and I will move the world."
The stand that Martin Luther King, Jr. took, and the stand that Gandhi took, are moving the world today. The stand we are inviting you to take will awaken the doctor within you, your family and the planet.

The Planetary Shadow, 
One of the issues facing us on a planetary scale is something we have for too long denied and refuse to see in ourselves, and that is what we call the Planetary Shadow.

T.S. Elliot wrote:
"Between the conception
And the creation
Between the emotion
And the response
Falls the Shadow."

Jung said,
"Every part of the personality you do not love will become hostile to you." 
If one part of the personality becomes stronger and stronger, such as the morally good and ethically principled side, then its complimentary shadow arises which often becomes an unconscious part of the personality. The more we suppress the dark side the more likely it is to take on a personality of its own. Robert Louis Stevenson's dream that became the story of Jekyl and Hyde is a dramatization of this phenomenon.
An old Hasidic Jewish tale provides an illustration: A son of a Rabbi left his father's village to attend a synagogue service in a village some 30 miles away. When he returned his family asked him, "Well, did they do anything different from what we do here?" "Yes, of course," said the son. "Well then, what was the lesson?" they asked. The son replied, "love thy enemy as thyself." "So it's the same as we say here. How is it you learned something different?" "There, they taught me to love the enemy within myself."
If we strive to live in the light, a corresponding darkness accumulates within us. We must strive, not so much for a forced goodness, but for consciousness, and to live, not out of ideals that we cannot keep, but from an inner center which alone can keep the balance. We need to move that inner balance, that center, to a global level.
In acknowledging our doubts and fears we move beyond fragmentation to a greater wholeness, greater responsibility and greater possibility.
IV. You are the World Health Foundation for Development And Peace
Invitation to Partnership
The World Health Foundation for Development And Peace is working for the End of Needless Suffering and Health for All via the expansion of consciousness in the field of wholism. Each of you is the whole project. You are the nucleus of a critical mass, you are the stewards of planetary transformation, you are The World Health Foundation for Development And Peace.
We invite you to take this transformational journey with us. We have already seen into the heart of the matter, into the heart of the atom, and into our own hearts. We have seen the fragmentation of our past. We now know that we can make new paradigms and new patterns. When we find our individual freedom through the achieving of wholeness, of health, and an end to the pain and suffering on our planet that goes on so needlessly, we will find that we have chosen a whole new destination for human evolution.
We are on the edge of the homecoming so often envisioned in our past. We are pressing more deeply into the forest toward new realms of being beyond anything we have ever imagined, toward freedom with, not from, each other. After a history of separation and mistrust we are finally converging upon a clearing. Our metaphors of transcendence have spoken to us more truly than our wars-the clearing, the end of winter, the watering of deserts, the healing of wounds, the light after darkness-not an end to our troubles, but an end to defeat.
Over the centuries those who have envisioned a transformed society knew that relatively few shared their visions. They felt the breezes from a homeland they could see in the distance but not inhabit, yet they urged others on to a possible future. Our human dreams are rich, unrealized history, and that legacy has always existed alongside our wars, our follies, and our suffering.
The question is always, "What can I do?" The World Health Foundation for Development And Peace does not exist by itself to provide that answer. We do exist to support you in discovering your ability to create wholeness, you and every man, woman and child in this world. You have the power to participate in this transformation through your support of this new entity, The World Health Foundation for Development And Peace.
Each of us has the power and potential to create our own individual and collective reality together. We are entitled to miracles, let us create them. We can choose to awaken, to abandon the imprisonment of our conditioning, to return homeward toward love.
We are the seeds of the realization of our own vision, we are the realization of the End of Needless Suffering.
In his inaugural address on January 20, 1960, newly elected President John F. Kennedy said, "Let us seek, for the first time, to invoke the wonders of science instead of its terrors. Together let us explore the stars, conquer the deserts, tap the oceans depths and eradicate disease. Let us unite to heed in all corners of the earth the command of the Prophet Isaiah-to 'undo the heavy burdens and to let the oppressed go free.

--Carlos Warter MD, PhD.References

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