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Carlos (Charles) Warter, M.D., (ABFP, AAPM) International Fellow of the APA; Ph.D. (psychology) has spent over forty years journeying between the fields of western medicine and the deep exploration of spiritual practices from around the world.With a life dedicated to empowering the sacred in health and medicine, he is now presenting the synthesis of his work in a body of knowledge based on the advancement of science which in the past three years has doubled the knowledge of millennia as the psych-entheo-synergy genome data  as the future of what will be NEO Psychology and Psychiatry

In his programs, he combines the ancient and the futuristic boundless possibilities in order to activate the depth of spiritual and conscious identity with compassion and loving understanding for the transitional social issues that we are facing---thus bringing a human face and global awareness to material globalization.This is central to deep personal growth and lies at the root of human development.

How does our visualization for instance of DNA have an effect on our thought patterns, generational history and our relationships if only a part of our genome has been found to regulate the human biocomputer?

We live in an universe that is amazingly patterned. Any living system in nature, when broken down to its finest element contains a blueprint for its whole.

This holographic quality means that when any organism grows, it multiplies or expands replicating in whole the properties that prevailed in its infancy. Much as an acorn contains the imprint for the oak tree so too the human cell contains the imprint of the human organism. At the level of the cell, everything is electrical and biological, linked in the most magnificent way through energy. We are macrocosms of our own infant microcosm.

Moreover, every thought, word, and deed we offer has a physiological correlate, a cellular response to impulses that gets stored in the cell as a memory and is supported by its own particular chemistry. 

The web of life is subtly and intricately linked through biochemical energy. Many examples of this can be seen in our everyday lives. We have discovered through body work, such as massage, and other forms of healing that release energy, that our stress--our painful history, becomes stored in the muscles of our body. 

One example is a flashback experience which arises as a release of emotion connected to personal emotional memory. This happens when a particular physical location on the body is triggered and stress is released from the body.

Healers intuitively know that they are helping to clear powerful emotional memories that are stored in the muscle fibers of the body.

Our biological makeup is stored in cellular memory through our DNA which includes not only our genetic history but also chemical records of our experience. 

The system of the body is biochemically linked to the mind. The emotional correlate to our thoughts and actions gets patterned into our bodily memory through electrical, neuronal transmissions. Genetically each cell is wired for complete knowledge that is transmitted and thus can be accessed. Every experience from our infancy on is coded in the cell. Memory can affect us.

Our physical health can be powerfully influenced through repeated thought transmissions from the cells of the brain to the body. Similarly, we can be influenced mentally by the biochemical transmissions of cells organized by memory patterns in our bodies. 
Our body, mind, spirit is an entire system that is a macrocosm imprinted at the cellular level with genetic history together but also with every emotional experience.

We are discovering a circular relationship between mind and body that can be modified not only through chemistry, but through the energy of thoughts and actions. 
Moreover, we are connected through energy to a greater whole. We are learning how to utilize this energy for growth.

The field of quantum mechanics theory describes a web of energy that links all humans with each other and with everything in the universe. We are understanding that when we create a shift in one part of a system, everything in the system shifts to provide a synchronous, harmonic balance.  For example: When we change one element of our ecosystem such as the reduction of the number of honeybees that is occurring at present in nature, it effects the entire ecosystem. Recent studies on the power of prayer and distance healing are revealing to scientists that a system such as healer and patient can be modified by the quality of thought. They are discovering through technology that love transmitted between people, even at a distance, can heal. Also, the unity of mind, body, spirit can heal from within. We need to learn what is the message from our lineage, ancestry, culture, biology as well as to decipher the light language of our soul.

Why Should We Re pattern Our Thinking? Why re-pattern thoughts?

Because we wear our stress. That is aging. Our emotional history lives within our cells. Because every action occurs within a system, it has an impact on every other thought and action and on the entire ecosystem. 

It is recorded in us and reverberates out into the larger system of world. Yet we are not taught how to know the source of our genetic heritage nor the blueprint of our life. So how do we tap the potential within us so it is useful to ourselves and others? We must decipher the intrapersonal cellular memory of the soul.

We must begin to experientially quantify, qualify, and transform these cellular deposits and the blueprint of beliefs that mentally organize around them so we are not limited by them but instead allow them to inform us in expanding consciousness. When we shift one part of our system, the rest shifts. The Path of the Heart shows the physiology of brain and heart cultivated by emotion.

Manipulating the principles biologically of holograms, where a microsystem reflects a macrosystem is becoming ordinary. With the advent of studies on the genome, the principles of quantum physics are being demonstrated in the field of biology. So what does this have to do with our generational history and patterns of relating as described in this approach? Optimum health means knowing our cellular heritage from the inside out. Re-patterning thought has a physiological correlate in the body. What we think affects the cellular structure of our body and who we are at the cellular level affects how we think.