On the Primary Season by Carlos Warter MD

We need compassionate approach towards those in society who are being manipulated, recognizing their pain as legitimate and their desire for a very different kind of world as legitimate even if we disagree with the strategies they've temporarily adopted to address their deep and legitimate needs to feel valued and cared for.  

We need a new vision of the world that would fulfill those needs without engaging in the hateful policies or behaviors that  demagogues encourage and support. 

We need an embrace of true "homeland security" -- replacing the failed Strategy of Domination with a Strategy of Generosity.  Our security and well being depends on the well being of everyone else on this planet as well as on the health of the planet itself.

An important way to manifest this caring is through a Global  Plan that would dedicate 1-2% of the U.S./EU/ JAPAN/ CHINA /SWITZERLAND annual Gross Domestic Product , each year,  for the next twenty years to eliminate domestic and global poverty, homelessness, hunger, inadequate education, health care and repair damage done to the environment by 150 years of ecologically irresponsible forms of industrialization and “modernization” throughout much of the world.

This Plan that includes

  • Participation in planning and fund-distribution decisions by the recipient cities and countries’ most talented and ethically sensitive leaders as well as activists from local communities representing the poor and outstanding figures in the ethical, cultural, religious and non-profit sectors of relevant societies.

  • Methods for ensuring that the monies are used in the most effective, environmentally sustainable and culturally sensitive ways.

  • Safeguards to guarantee that the monies are not siphoned off by governments or local elites or primarily for creating the infrastructure for large corporations, but actually reach the people in need.

  • Amending all existing and future trade agreements to ensure that they serve the economic well-being of the poor and not just the interests of the wealthy nations or local elites in countries with high levels of poverty.

  • Retraining the military to build and rebuild vital infrastructure.

  • Global leadership by the United States to start this effort and encourage other advanced industrial societies to join the plan.

Approaching this initiative with a spirit of humility, not only because of the legacy of colonialism and self-interested Western trade policies which contributed to the underdevelopment in poor countries, but because we can learn much from the cultures and spiritual heritage of other societies—recognizing that their economic poverty does not signify a poverty of wisdom.(be it intra nationals like hopi, navajo, cheyenne, etc) or extranational in other continents living in tribal settings. Generosity of spirit as well as financial generosity are an integral part as a central component in any rational plan to achieve “planetary homeland security,” but also because it reflects a commitment to recognize every human being on this planet as equally valuable and deserving of care. thus getting money out of the business of politics not only by requiring public funding of elections while banning all other sources of campaign contributions, but also by requiring corporations to prove a satisfactory history of social and environmental responsibility once every five years to a council of elder citizens who will hear testimony from people all around the world whose lives have been impacted by the policies, behaviors, products and/or services thus creating a New Planetary Bottom Line.

In order to reach a full understanding of that vision of the world that liberals, conservatives as well as progressives ought to be be addressing, a  sophisticated psycho-spiritual approach to social transformation is needed  led not only by people in every religious tradition but also by atheists and secular humanists of every variety, understanding that we are spiritual beings having a material existence.

C. Warter M.D.

Founder WHFDP