Dr. Warter, MD offers online classes, seminars, deep retreats and private sessions that accelerate your understanding of yourself and the purpose of your life in a loving way.  This work is deep, effective and will create profound positive changes in your life.  It is for people who seek real, personal transformation and are willing to dive deep into developing true knowledge of themselves.

Dr. Warter was asked to speak about the Creativity & Consciousness Retreat, beginning on June 21, the summer solstice, the longest day of the year. "Pure consciousness is the doorway to new creation. How will you respond to the journey of going into your own consciousness?"

Learn how dying brought a man of peace to the realization of what Peace truly is. Kristen Eykel Interviews Dr. Carlos Warter at the Science and NonDuality Conference in San Jose Oct. 2017
What is Inner Work? Have you ever experienced a moment of "lightness" in your life?

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