The Warter Method for Psychospiritual Integration

The Warter Method of Psychospiritual Integration

The P.I.P is a 6 day personal awareness learning experience masterfully engineered by Carlos Warter, MD as a profound integration of his experience in medicine and his research into sacred traditions.  This process has evolved over three decades into a multifocal healing method for daily life struggles that has benefited more than 70,000 people around the world. Its purpose is to resolve negative emotions learned as a child that lead to chronic fatigue syndrome, sadness, anger and low self esteem.  Once resolved this allows everyone access to a more balanced and holistic way of life.

The six day process is followed by nine months of daily work that help each participant to incorporate the learnings of the six day process into their daily lives.

Dr. Warter has recently updated the process to include the latest research into brain development and the resolution of perinatal trauma and intra-uterine memories.  This new material has made the process worthwhile for all participants, even those who have taken the PIP in the past.

In order to make this more readily available to past participants,  Dr. Warter will extend a 50% discount to anyone who has taken the PIP and would like to take advantage of this unprecedented opportunity. 

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Dr. Warter is a psychiatrist, author, poet and artist who has dedicated his life to helping people find out who they truly are and to live a life of essence.  He holds seminars, workshops and private consultations throughout the world that deliver exceptional results in an accelerated timeframe to help people realize their potential.

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